Cascadia Map Prototype

This is a demo of a prototype I’m going to use for a Cascadia Map. The idea is to have a map in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland and that when you press the button on your map, that city lights up on all 3 maps. This prototype uses the Adafruit Feather Huzzah as the development board and as the data transport service.

HID Access Control

The old ISONAS access control system at Office Nomads was not cutting it. The software interface was horrific and it would have been very difficult to integrate with Nadine. We switched to using stand alone Edge Solo Evo door controllers from HID.

Internet Dial

Andrew and I wired up a gauge I bought on Tindie to an Arduino Ethernet to display the real-time internet usage at the office.

MayPi Door Lock

The front door at The Red Victorian was in need of an entry solution. There was already an electric strike installed in the gate and even a lighted doorbell button. We looked at all the commercial and residential solutions, and the fancy new “smart locks” that are cropping up like Lockitron and August. We decided to roll our own because none of the solutions we found had the openness or the API we needed to integrate in to the reservation software we created (modernomad).

The Red Victorian

The Red Victorian is not your typical hotel! It is an immersive, experimental, mixed-use space with a diverse cross section of people from around the world coming here to work on projects, see the city, find collaborators, and create the world they seek.

Modernomad Reservation System

Modernomad is guest, event and community management software for coliving houses and other experimental living arrangements focused on openness, collaboration and participation.

New Philographers - First Performance

The New Philographers, our performance group, took The Philometer to an art festival. As our first public performance, we hooked people up to our sensor array. We asked them questions ranging from boring to stimulating and created art pieces graphically representing their personal sensory response.

The New Philographers

The New Philographers are an artist duo dedicated to the science of philometrics. In this new science, we (the New Philographers) connect a subject up to an array of biometric sensors and gather data as the subject reacts to an external stimulus. This data is then transformed into a 3-dimensional representation (a philograph) of the subject’s experience.

The Philometer

I created a device that we call the Philometer from the Greek root ‘philos’, to love and ‘metric’, to measure. It measures heart rate (BPM), brain activity (EEG), galvanic skin response (GSR), and body temperature. At it’s heart is an Arduino and it uploads the data to a computer. The data coming in to the computer is graphed in real time using Processing and simultaneously saved as a raw CSV file. We can then graph the data in 3D using a python script that imports the data in to Rhino. Katie created Illustrator templates that further format the data into the final art piece.

Arm Cast Laser

Chelsea broke her arm so of course we needed to wire up the cast with a laser! The little wire hanging off the side is for charging although it held it’s charge for the entire time she had the cast on.