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Jacob Sayles started Office Nomads in Seattle in 2007 with business partner Susan Dorsch. Office Nomads is a coworking community dedicated to cultivating a dynamic, creative and collaborative environment for Seattleā€™s nomadic workforce. In 2009 he cofounded Coworking Seattle, now The Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance, which explores the wider coworking movement in a local setting. In 2010 he gave the opening speech at Coworking Europe, the first international coworking conference. In early 2012 he founded Open Coworking, a non-profit dedicated to promoting and facilitating greater collaboration between coworking spaces around the world by supporting projects that demonstrate and emphasize the core coworking values of collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability.

Jacob loves nothing more than acting as a coworking ambassador, both internationally and locally. It allows him to combine his love of travel with his passion for coworking. He has visited spaces all over the world, forging connections and sharing experiences with each coworking community.

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