HID Access Control

The old ISONAS access control system at Office Nomads was not cutting it. The software interface was horrific and it would have been very difficult to integrate with Nadine. We switched to using stand alone Edge Solo Evo door controllers from HID.

To integrate with Nadine I created a Keymaster/Gatekeeper system where the Gatekeeper is on the same, protected network as the door controllers with only one connection out to the Keymaster in Nadine. When new keys are added they are picked up by the Gatekeper at the next polling interval and when the doors are accessed the new logs are sent up to the Keymaster.

To further secure the system all communication between the Keymaster and Gatekeeper is encrypted and the key codes in Nadine are also encrypted. We are very pleased with the system, especially having suffered using the ISONAS system for so long.