Colour Wheel

The family spent some time in West Virginia with Katie’s folks and we came up with a project Bruce and I could do together. I wanted to create a game that was engaging but not in the typical -bang- -pow- -beep- sort of way most baby toys do it. The concept is simple, an LED light ring and three buttons, red, green, and blue. You can even mix and match colours!

Bruce is a woodworker so the case he built for this was turned on his lathe. He glued together some thick hard maple planks and turned out a 7” bowl, deep enough to house all of the electronics. The top plate is 2 layers of clear plexiglass with the inner surfaces sanded to defuse light. The outer LED ring is blocked by the top wood ring and the light is reflected into the center.

One design issue we ran into was that the Adafruit Circuit Playground boards do not have a charging circuit. This means the external USB plug we added can only be for programming or charging, not both. I purchased a charging board and when I get home I’ll hook that up and it will be for charging only. I’m sad about that because this hardware could do many fun things (simon says?) but to reprogram it I’ll need to take it all apart.