Colour Wheel

The family spent some time in West Virginia with Katie’s folks and we came up with a project Bruce and I could do together. I wanted to create a game that was engaging but not in the typical -bang- -pow- -beep- sort of way most baby toys do it. The concept is simple, an LED light ring and three buttons, red, green, and blue. You can even mix and match colours!

Aha2 - Another Bright Idea

It has been 7 years since we built the lightbulb chandalier and a lot has changed in that time. Most significantly we had a baby and I wanted to repurpose the light to help us see him at night on the babycam (Axis 211).

Tango Sentio

Tango Sentio is a 3D scanning glove. The name is derived from Latin tango: touching, and sentio: seeing. No, I don’t speak Latin but I can google until I find something that sounds interesting enough.

Thing1 and Thing2

With smartphones in everyone’s pockets these days we have many ways to communicate but I wanted to get back to basics. I essentially recreated the telegraph here with one button and one haptic buzzer. You press the button on Thing 1 and Thing 2 vibrates and vice-versa. The whole thing fits in the palm of your hand and you can send and receive messages discretely, without having to look at anything. I did add an RGB LED for system status information.

Vancouver Anchorage Map

We have an amazing view of English Bay from our apartment in Vancouver which is also where the big ships park while they wait to be loaded up at the port. The ultimate goal is to build a wall map patterned off the Manhattan Marauder’s Map I saw on Hackaday. First things first, I need to get the data and store it in a database. I’m using Django/Python and the data comes from Marine Traffic.

Cascadia Map Prototype

This is a demo of a prototype I’m going to use for a Cascadia Map. The idea is to have a map in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland and that when you press the button on your map, that city lights up on all 3 maps. This prototype uses the Adafruit Feather Huzzah as the development board and as the data transport service.